The space sylvari.

My sylvari mesmer remaster, character based on Iris flower.

From Blue Iris (old one) - to Purpe Iris (new one).

Must admit old look was lovely mostly at night time, all day-time shots pretty much creepy. .___.

Season 4 Finale Preview.

Come on Button, play it cool.

- you can do that, right?
- Zojja cast “charm”.

ught, it must be deadly.

Dis is so old. (21.02.2013) I never ever  mention before how I was playing with crappy quality and like never actually whine about that, except WvW part… kinda. Nevermind.

This is my young sylvari mesmer. Now she looks a bit different, but I think I might want come back to her original look. Even if I keeping her for vanity reasons, and not playing mesmer as a main anymore.

And I think I want a new character slot. Like I going to create a character for the legendary… because I want a legendary, but there is no any character I have that can use such.  :< Crappy reasoning. 

WHY warriors can’t use shortbow? It would solve everything. lol.