Come on Button, play it cool.

- you can do that, right?
- Zojja cast “charm”.

ught, it must be deadly.

Dis is so old. (21.02.2013) I never ever  mention before how I was playing with crappy quality and like never actually whine about that, except WvW part… kinda. Nevermind.

This is my young sylvari mesmer. Now she looks a bit different, but I think I might want come back to her original look. Even if I keeping her for vanity reasons, and not playing mesmer as a main anymore.

And I think I want a new character slot. Like I going to create a character for the legendary… because I want a legendary, but there is no any character I have that can use such.  :< Crappy reasoning. 

WHY warriors can’t use shortbow? It would solve everything. lol.

The Dragon God Hunter.

There is a lot Guild Wars 2 things related lately, because… well I didn’t find myself much into over stuff right now. I never was that much in pony fandom too, I had some friends to talk about it, but I never was a part of community after all, it just a toy a play with, and I totally fine being alone with it. And after recent events that happen to happen with it, and Picture Perfect Pony Hasbro Military strike I don’t really feel I want to come along with pony community, after all. “Guys your party is great, but I’m going home” sort of things. 

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Hard game decisions - are hard. And I think it’s such a mess that you can only choose accessory color from starter set.

And in the end… I not even liked the result. :’D

Happy Charr. :3

I allow myself to do things that not suitable for my age and express my infantilism, but still I must admit I growing-up older. Just in order there is a lot of things which do not entertain me that much anymore, sometimes I feeling too old for this… like there is sometimes a lot of people around what act themselves more freely at this point, but in huge side for some point they… somehow talk grim dark about it. Like it’s such a tragedy they do so. And I don’t feel that way at all, even if I don’t try to do the same stuff I still find it adorable, but they won’t. I can’t really express myself at this point. How can be somebody unhappy about being happy? Even for one last moment, it feels so strange from my side.